Ellen is a certified coach and founder of Clarion Coaching, an executive, career and life coaching business.

Clarion Coaching services include : After 20 years in corporate human resource management, Ellen has discovered her true passion and expertise...coaching others... individuals, corporate leaders, teams, anyone who wishes to reach his/her full potential.

"I guess I was always a coach but didn’t know it had a formal name until I was selected to coach senior executives at one of Connecticut’s premiere financial institutions... It was then that I fell in love with assisting others in making personal and professional transformations".

Hire a Life and Career Coach... in this economy?

by Ellen Moriarty, appreared in The Connecticut Minuteman Press, December 2008

    Absolutely! And now. By partnering with a certified life/career coach you may just discover that these times of uncertainty and high anxiety are a perfect time to reinvent yourself, improve what you already have going for you or at least let you indulge in these lifelong dreams you've had swirling around. Read more...